This Coca-Cola delivery truck is our latest and most impressive show truck yet! It has a custom-built box that houses an original Military Band Organ. The “March King” is very similar in size to our other band organs, producing the same sounds from pipes and percussive instruments, and runs entirely off of air. It is transported on a completely original 1941 Chevrolet 1 ˝ ton truck. It is a unique vehicle with a special body that was built to commemorate Coca-Cola’s hundredth anniversary and was featured during the celebration in Atlanta, GA. The color scheme of the truck is Coca-Cola Yellow, White, and Red, and is sure to be an attention getter every time on display. There is also multiple Coca-Cola signage including decals of Coke drinkers which bring a nostalgic ring to the vehicle. Other Coca-Cola items are inside the box, including an original Coke cooler which houses an on-board generator, neatly tucked away inside. This piece of equipment also boasts two giant billboard letter signs with marquee lighting to emphasize the message of your event.

Worcester Sound & Lights recently acquired this showcase to celebrate 45 years in business. 
PARADES- Excellent addition or alternative to marching bands. 

Our Band Organs perform in the rain