We are a professional, experienced and fully-insured disc jockey entertainment service. We’re not the typical “button pushers” as you’d find with other inexperienced, uninsured, street corner DJ services. We use multiple source components for each event, rather than just a laptop that can crash at any time.

Our goal is not intended to overwhelm you with silly details such as equipment line cards or song lists, however, they are available upon request. You tell us what you want and we will provide it for you because we specifically tailor the musical entertainment details for your event. That’s what you pay for. There are plenty of small no name outfits, however what sets us apart is the know-how, reliability and quality.

When it comes to hiring a DJ for your event, be sure to make an educated decision by factoring in event experience, dependability and reputation. A common objective is not to go over your anticipated budget. While you may be saving a couple dollars, you may be having the worst entertainment. You and your guests want to be able to leave happy, having enjoyed the event. 

Most companies list off clients that they’ve been hired for, however most of the time it’s a one-shot deal with very little to no return customers. Our clients return to us when they need our professional services. Inquire today to experience the difference and see us in action or request our most recent client list and references.
Worcester Sound & Light's DJ Division provides club
quality Disc Jockey services for parties, receptions, and other events in and around the New England area. We feature beat-matching, special dance mixes of favorite songs, and reasonable prices. We have the experience as club and mobile sound disc jockeys. WS&L Disc Jockey Service has the DJ for your event! 

Specializing in dances, and dance music 

Experts on Beat-matching

Focusing on parties

Spinning both CDs and Vinyl

Dance music from the 50's through today, including a huge selection of music from the 80's & 90’s

Personalized service

Reasonable & competitive prices

Worcester Sound & Light's DJ Division is a professional Disc Jockey service aimed at bringing the best dance music out of the clubs and to your party. When you hire WS&L to DJ your party or event, you'll get top-notch service, thorough preparation, and the best music, all for one low price. You will be able to talk with the DJ before your event, request specific songs or types of music, and discuss things ahead of time, before problems have a chance to develop.

There are lots of Mobile DJ services out there. Here are a few examples of how WS&L is different from some other services, to help you decide if we have what you're looking for.

We Specialize in Parties - What this means is that WS&L is about music that gets people up on the floor. The #1 priority is to see people on the dance floor enjoying themselves, a style that has been developed from working in dance clubs, where maintaining the beat is essential. At WS&L, the music is the key.

Personal Service - There's nothing worse than hiring a DJ blindly through a big company and discovering that the person you hired doesn't know what's going on, doesn't have the right equipment for your party, or brought the wrong music. At WS&L, we talk to all of our clients in advance to discuss music, equipment, set-up and break-down, overtime (if necessary), the size of the party, the type of room, the type of crowd, and anything else that might help us determine how to make your party as successful as possible. We do not subcontract, meaning that you can talk to the DJ who will be at your event.

Quality, not Quantity - WS&L does not provide photo services, party motivators, comedians, cartoonists, magicians, or clowns. Instead, we prefer to focus our energies on providing the highest level of quality in DJ services -- from the equipment, to the music, to the DJ. It's our goal to get your guests dancing, not to provide dancers of our own.

What kind of music can you expect to hear when you hire Worcester Sound & Lights? The kind you can dance to. The kind you want. We have an extensive library of songs on CD and records, covering different eras, genres, and interests. Before each event, we talk to you to find out what music you and your guests would like to hear. We then use that information to put together a selection of can't-miss music for your event, featuring a combination of your suggestions and all-time dance favorites. Once the show starts, requests are always welcome and encouraged. 
Let there be light...special effect lights. We have dozens of styles of lights, from mirror balls, to smoke and fog machines. We have mini-strobe lights to jumbo strobe lights. However, we have introduced a spectacular addition to our DJ division. No other New England disc jockey can provide the service of searchlights. Whether you're looking for a little light show for the people waiting outside of the event, or whether you want the power to