Co-Op Referral Program

More often than none, we are overwhelmed with prior commitments and cannot take on any more DJ entertainment work. We have designed a unique system to refer the job on to a reputable DJ company in the community. 

This is a free service.

In order to be added to the list, just send all information regarding your company and its history, including detailed contact info. When we’re fully booked for a certain event, we’ll send a group email out to members of the referral program and the first member to respond gets priority to the job, the client will be notified and will contact the DJ at their discretion.

This is absolutely free of charge and we do not receive or ask for finder’s fees or “cuts”. You deal directly with the client- No middle man. All that we do ask is that you place a link to us on your website in the links or other visible area. This is to link our unique services of Hollywood Searchlights, Band Organs, and other Theatrical services. Our company is so diverse, we would like to provide a chance for DJs to acquire work as well as expanding the knowledge of our company’s services to others at the same time. 

To sign-up or inquire, EMAIL today!